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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Rooney talks before game against Chelsea

Wayne Rooney doesn't want any sad moment in the next game against Chelsea. He wants to win so the Blues wont get the title infront of them.

"We must go to Stamford Bridge believing we can win," Rooney claims. "If they win or even get a draw, it will be really bad.

"I'm convinved that next season will be different. Over the last four or five months we have played really well, and if we can continue that and start next season better than we did this one, it could be very close."

Manchester coach Ferguson's comments about Rooney's heart are good. He is so much more than a centre-forward and says his assists give him almost as much pleasure as his goals. Statistically, Rooney's game is compelling. In fact, twelve per cent of his shots result in a goal; 48 per cent strike the target, while 77 per cent of his passes travel precisely where he intended to.

Rooney also talked about the World Cup and the English hopes.

"I am sure they will try to intimidate me. Well, I just have to deal with it and play my own game," Rooney said. "Early on in my career I had a lot of bad press about my temperament, but I was just a young lad over then. I am still young, but I've been playing professionally for four years now and I'm learning with every match.

"We are all confident, especially after the Argentina match. In the dressing room afterwards everybody was jumping. Riquelme was brilliant against us. At half-time some people came in and said, 'what's happening here?' We couldn't get near him. I don't know why, but even though it was a friendly I celebrated that victory more than many of the World Cup qualifying games. It gave us a lot of belief."


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